Hurricane Season

by Dani Sowersby

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released January 28, 2013

Dani Sowersby
Cover photography: Charlotte Medhurst



all rights reserved


Dani Sowersby Lincoln, UK

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Track Name: Sleep
The city crumbles while you sleep, take a breath, breathe in deep,
There’s nothing in this world that you can keep,
The rain falls hard against the glass,
You’re moving slow, I’m moving fast,
The roar of traffic as we pass
We’re waking up at last.
And it all comes crashing down
As we come crashing down
Why’d you wake me up,
It’s tearing me apart,
Why’d you bring me back,
Right back to the start,
The sky turns purple as you watch, the world around you seems to stop
And then you start to listen to the ticking of the clocks,
The lights outside seem too bright, the grey sky isn’t quite night,
There’s something which doesn’t feel right
You call yourself a dreamer but your world’s never seen the sun,
You call yourself a dreamer but I’ve only ever seen you run,
Track Name: Mountains
You were never going to build mountains were you
You’d have them falling down on you, falling down for you
With your impatience and your drive
With your abandon and your life
Don’t look back, don’t look back, don’t look back,
We could have been alright
And we could have shone so bright
And we we could make believe for a while
That this could all be fine.
I was never really quite articulate was I
I told too many lies, made myself a little brighter,
And your impatience and your drive
And my intrinsic fear of being alive,
We’re running on we’re running on we’re running on,
So don’t look back.
And it’s catching up with us
Did you really think we’d last
We’re a parody of love
And the car has finally crashed.
Track Name: Walk Away
You and me need to talk about whats been building up
Deep inside of us oh are you still in love
Are you still in love
You and me need to clarify what’s going on inside
Because I've reached that point where I don’t know why I try,
I dont know why I'm trying
Dont close your eyes, don’t walk away,
Don’t start to cry, say what you need to say,
Cause I feel like a fool and I’m not gonna stay
If you keep making me feel how I felt today.
You and me we should move on, we, we’ve had a good run,
But baby I’m exhausted now and it’s just stopped being fun,
We’ve just stopped being fun.
And I've fallen, and this hurts, and this aint easy but we’re just getting worse
And we’ve fallen, and this hurts, but we need to see that we’re not gonna work
We’re not gonna work
Track Name: Little Prince
Youre not safe anymore, they’re on their way they’re at your door,
They’re knocking now but they’ll break it down, you need to hide you cant be found,
Theyre starting fires
Theyre burning books
Theyre knighting liars
They’re crowning crooks
Little prince you’re all we’ve got,
Go and put your armour on,
Idle kings and ruined men
Can’t put us together again
Youre all we’ve got.
Youre the lie, cynical son, we all need you, where’ve you gone,
It’s getting dark, look here come, will you be here for us,
They’re starting fires
Theyre burning books
Theyre knighting liars
Theyre crowning crooks
You dont have to enjoy dying
You dont have to go down fighting
You dont have to smile whilst crying
But you’re all we’ve got.
Track Name: Excuses (live)
You hold my hand too tight
You squeeze out all my life,
Cover me in tiny cuts,
Let me bleed until I'm dry,
And my heart’s not on the line yet,
There’s time for me to catch my breath,
If I wanted I could forget
I could forget you.
And I've never ever felt this way,
And I've never ever been one to wait
But I'm catching myself hesitating
Excuses growing in the rain,
I tried my best and watched
As beautiful things started to spring up
All around me, piercing through me,
Too much to be enough
Bound by your living veins,
Too heavy to escape,
And I cant break them, and they wouldn’t break