The Deep End

by Dani Sowersby

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released December 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Dani Sowersby Lincoln, UK

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Track Name: The Deep End
I wanted to tell you all of my secrets -
I threw myself in and I drowned in the deep end.
Now it’s all up to you and I’m scared to death
That everything you’ll ever say to me has already been said.
We’re telling lies, we’re telling lies, we’re pretending we’ll be fine.
We’re killing time, we’re killing time, like it’s alright.
You’re on my mind, I’m on your mind, we’re being ruthless and unkind -
It’s not as hard as you might think it needs to be.
Track Name: I Wish
It’s a little out of reach, but I would build up higher than the moon to touch it. But your telescope doesn’t even have a lens, so you cant even see it, let alone believe it - and that’s not your fault. I know there’s more to it. But we’re somehow still keeping in time, but I’ve done all I can do. I know it could be difficult but it was worth it too. I still wish on shooting stars and on clocks.
I wish.
Track Name: The War
You’ve got a face that sets my bones alight -
My chest aches and the smoke burns my eyes.
I somehow felt like I’d already known your mind,
I feel we’ve met before in some long gone past life.
You told me once before you felt that this could be alright,
But now I don’t fit the narrative you’ve invented for your life.
There’s no such thing as timing, just how hard you want to try -
We could win the war if only I was worth the fight.
Track Name: Reaching
Let’s go down to the sea.
My god, I’m getting swept away from the beach -
And I’m drowning, drowning, drowning, drowning -
Then I’m swept ashore,
My lungs full of sea and salt.
I’m not the same anymore,
I’ve breathed in ocean now.
And if it calls I’ll answer, and it knows.
And I’ll keep coming back to watch it ebb and flow and grow.
My DNA is not the same, it’s reaching, reaching, always reaching,
And I can’t change it.
Let’s go down to the sea.
It’s been a while but it’s still got a hold on me.